A timeless classic, designed for the future. palace has evolved into a versatile bathroom suite, while retaining its signature feature: washbasins that can be cut to size and fit snugly into every bathroom layout. Today, palace is at home both in private bathrooms and the hotel bathrooms of this world. A celebration of ceramics which showcases its strong qualities in both environments.

Aside from large washbasins that can be cut to size, LAUFEN now also offers palace with single washbasins in standard dimensions and expert solutions for compact washbasin sections and guest bathrooms. Beyond that the portfolio of palace WC and bidet variations covers all requirements. They impress with its ergonomic design and concealed fixtures.The large palace washbasins (from a length of 120 cm) can be optionally customized at the factory. Thanks to this innovative manufacturing technique, the ceramic element can be perfectly fitted into different bathroom situations. On the one hand, the ceramic can be cut to size – even on the diagonal. On the other, even free-standing side elements can be custom-made without any visible side panel attachments.Perfectly design-matched to palace is the new case, a bathroom furniture concept that offers outstanding value for money. A LAUFEN-exclusivity: the vanity unit features the new space-saving siphon – and the extra space it creates.

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