A timeless, unpretentious bathroom that matches many living and interior design styles: form is synonymous with enduring quality – product and design-wise. What makes form so timeless is its tribute to the Bauhaus style, its focus on the “less is more“ credo of the Bauhaus architect, Mies van der Rohe. Design fashioned on the Bauhaus model means form but function, too – an ingeniously simple recipe for quality of life, given new meaning by the famous design office, Phoenix Design (Stuttgart/Tokyo).

The originality of the bathroom range is characterised by its Rubenesque contours, reflected in the washbasins, shower trays, WCs and bidets. True masterpieces of the series must be the 1.2 and 1.5 m (47,3 bis 59 inch) wide washbasins, angular ceramic blocks with rounded sunken basins. That they can also be cut to size, makes them ideal for architecturally challenging floor plans. Combine them with a vanity unit with chromed rail for a particularly impressive look. form is perfectly matched to the two furniture series case for form and case plus for form.

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